Household Uses

BATHROOMS: 1 or 3 sprays for a quick odor fix - use Gel-Paks™ for 24/7 odor control.

KITCHENS: Use sprayer for quick odor relief from unwanted cooking smells (burnt food, spicy foods, etc.). A Gel-Pak™ placed under the kitchen sink will ensure control of unwanted odors from garbage containers. Pouring a few capfuls of Aromask concentrate directly down a smelly drain will eliminate offensive odors.

BASEMENTS: Control mildew odors by placing a Gel-Pak™ (lid half open) in your basement or garage. This will replace the musty smell with a fresh Aromask scent that works 24/7.

CLOSETS: Keep your clothes smelling fresh 24 hours a day, by placing Gel-Paks™ in your closets. This will help to refresh all your clothing while eliminating cigarette smoke and other offensive odors from the fabrics. A few drops of Aromask in footwear will eliminate the most obnoxious odors.

LAUNDRY: Add Aromask liquid to your wash cycle to eliminate personal and organic odors. Aromask is especially effective in diaper pails and to add to the diaper wash.

PET AREAS: Place a Gel-Pak™ in the same room as your cat litter box or your pet’s sleeping area to control odors on a constant basis. Keep out of reach of your pet.

GARBAGE PAILS / RECYCLING CONTAINERS: Spray Aromask directly into your garbage pail and recycling containers for immediate and long lasting relief of offensive odors, while leaving a fresh scent.

SPORTS BAGS / CLOTHING HAMPERS: Place a Gym-BO™ in your sport bag or laundry hamper. Specially designed plastic bottle that breathe through the walls ensuring a pleasant scent. Lasts up to 7 months. Available September 2010.

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