"We at Lynch Bus Lines have been using Aromask for about 5 years. We operate 100 school buses and as I am sure you can appreciate having SO children per day on a bus can create a number of unpleasant odors. We have found that Aromask has been a proven and economical way to stay on top of these issues. From the sprays to the gel packs there is always a product designed for our needs. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to create a clean smelling environment."

- George Lynch Lynch Bus Lines | 4687 Byrne Road | Burnaby, BC | 604.439.0842

"Having worked in an animal care facility for the past three years, that at any one time houses between 90- 160 (sometimes more) animals ranging from reptiles to rodents, dogs, cats and even pigs and rabbits, you can well imagine the "pet odor" problems we have there. We have tried every deodorizer imaginable including a bottle of aromask® that was donated to the shelter. When the bottle was empty, we went to great lengths to find where to get some more. We called every chemical, soap and cleaning product place in BC; but were unable to find Aromask.

Six months ago a representative from aromask graced our doorstep with a container of aromasK Gel-Pak and a phone number We were delighted with the GEL-Pak as it was much longer lasting than any other product we have used and seemed to neutralize the odors, rather than just mask them."

- Kathy Woodward Assistant Manager / Investigator | Kelowna Branch - BCSPA | 3785 Casorso Road | Kelowna, BC | 250.861.7722

"As cost is a major factor at our facility, the longer lasting effect of Aromask Gel Pak compared to other products proves very cost effective for us. Thanks Aromask.

My husband and I have managed this eighty-suite apartment block for ten years. We have tried numerous deodorants for the building and never been really happy with any of them. Now we have found the one that suits our needs with a very nice smell and it takes away bad food and smoke smells from the building. Our tenants comment on how clean a smell it is. Our thanks to Aromask, the odor killer. We recommend it highly to anyone."

- Glen and Mabel Robinson Property Managers | The Grosvenor Apartments | 1425 Bertram St. | Kelowna, BC | V1Y 8K4

"In regards to an Aromask product I used your product on my dog, a border collie, who was sprayed by a skunk. I used only 1/2 tsp. of Aromask mixed with 2 gallons warm water and a capful of dog shampoo.

After the bath the skunk odor was completely eliminated. For the house, I sprayed Aromask on the carpets, then placed a few saucers of the product around the house and aired the house out. By the end of the day the skunk odor was completely gone from the house.

Thanks again for developing such a great product. My dog Ace and I thank you."

- Glen and Mabel Robinson Scott Beckett | Surrey, BC

"Dear Mike, As you are aware, we here at Silver Lady Limousine Service, have been using Aromask with our fleet in all of our units for the past year with GREAT success. As you can appreciate with graduations, weddings, night clubs, sporting events and even corporate events, we experience many foul odours. We have found Aromask to eliminate all of theses odours and keep our fleet smelling fresh. Every year we have our fleet inspected by the City of Vancouver and the City of Surrey. One of the inspectors commented in how fresh and clean all of our vehicles smelled. She could not believe there was such a product on the market like this. I also took the liberty of passing on a few of your brochures to her and the City of Vancouver. She suggested that all Taxi Cabs, Limousines and Buses sure be using this product. At this time, Mike, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this excellent product and I will have NO PROBLEM recommending this product to anyone in the transportation industry and beyond."

- Douglas Le Moine Principal/Owner | SILVER LADY LIMOUSINE SERVICE LTD. | Suite 845 - Metrotown Plaza | 141 - 6200 Mc Kay Avenue | Burnaby, British Columbia | 604.290.3326

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know and thank you for the Aromask Gel Pak. Over the Christmas holidays some carrots had gone bad in our fridge and we had no idea how carrots could make a smell that bad!

I was telling some family and friends who were here for the holidays about your products and we decided to see how good they really were. We put the Gel Pak in the fridge and gave it about 2 hours. When we went back to do the final test we were all shocked at how there was no more smell, it was actually pretty incredible considering we had intentionally left the carrots in the fridge with the Gel Pak to really put it to the test, and it passed.

This is a great product, thank you very much!"

- Jeffrey Readhead Owner | Dirt Cheap Freight

"When I opened up my own veterinary hospital this year, I wanted everything to be at the highest standard possible. I am very particular about patient care, customer service, cleanliness and Aromask helps us with odors. That's why I am happy when I've heard clients walk in and say it smells good in here.

- Dr. Renee Ferguson Mountain View Veterinary Hospital

"Hi my name is Denise. I work at a Veterinary Clinic as an Animal Health Technician, we use the Aromask at work to reduce the amount of odours from urine and feces in our garbage cans. I also use it in the laundry and a touch in the floor mop buckets to help reduce odours in the clinic. On seeing how efficient Aromask was at reducing and removing odours at work I thought I might try it at home. I have a colostomy and if there are any other colostomy patients out there you know how the colostomy can change the odour of your bowel movements and Aromask eliminates the odour immediately. I found that the Aromask was much better at eliminated odour and not leaving you with cover-up odour, than the products that they use in the hospitals on the surgical ward. Thank you Mike and Aromask

- Denise Animal Health Technician