Property Management

Have you ever had a listing or rental property that shows well - but smells, often reducing the selling price? Have you ever asked your client to boil cloves or vanilla beans on the stove prior to an open house? There’s no subtle way to tell a seller that their home has an odor problem! Why not Aromask their home or apartment?

Aromask products are widely used by real estate and property management companies to eliminate offensive odors such as cooking smells, cigarette/cigar smoke, mildew, pet odors and other offensive organic odors. Aromask ELIMINATES all organic odors, while replacing them with a subtle fresh scent, which dissipates as the smell is eliminated.

Widely used in the hospitality industry to eliminate offensive persistent odors in guest rooms. The use of a Cyclone Unit™ in a smoking room for 12 to 24 hours, for instance, will eliminate stale cigarette/cigar smoke and pet odors, often saving hundreds of dollars in dry-cleaning and painting bills. Or add 1 to 2 capfuls of Aromask liquid to your rinse water when mopping down floors or walls ensures an odor free environment.

Aromask products are used in a wide variety of odor control applications and industries, which includes waste management, hotels, hospitals, bars and restaurants, funeral homes, automotive/RV, marine, public transportation companies, janitorial supply, police and fire departments to name a few. Aromask products are in wide distribution throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and recently Asia.

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